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Police Cars vs Street Racers


Dive into the world of criminal car cases, Do you like police games where you get to pull over people and make them run to get away from the law? Start chasing down the most wanted street racers today with Police Cars vs Street Racers a new police game from VascoGames. Drive around on the streets of a epic looking 3D open world city, find the most wanted street racers on your list. Making this of all the cop games driving gamesthe best and most real cop simulator. Getting yourself into real cops 3d police chase smashing through city streets, and the traffic on it! Go through turns in high speed, watch out for traffic but don’t lose the criminals out of your view. Making this a real cop simulator one of the biggest challenges ever. Police Cars vs Street Racers offers up an action packed chasing car games street battle for mobile gamers. As a cop you thunder through the streets of this fictional crime city as you try to chase down criminals as a law enforcement officer. This is something you never seen before in any chasing car games on mobile!Climb the ladder of you police career as you start out in a small old school police car. But as you progress through the game new stuff will be available in your garage unlocking new cars and other technical toys. In game rewards are great to get but unlike most cop games driving games Police Cars vs Street Racers offers something totally different you get to upgrade your mighty police cars. As a cop in this game you have all the power in the world to takedown the racers, outlaws and criminals giving you the real cops 3d police chase.In terms of control this is one of the best cop games that you can chase people on mobile. Make sure you close the criminal case and lock those bad guys behind bars as fast as possible.
Police Cars vs Street Racers game features- Good arcade style steering - Day and Night time driving- Earn cash and points during police pursuits- Show your driving skills and don’t get shaking off- Build up your own car collection of unique and rare cop cars in this extreme car simulator 3D game- Police chase car racing action with one of the best racing physics on google play store todayPlease give us some support by rating our game on Google Play or following us on:Facebook - - -